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Splash Parks, Shallow Beaches, Lakes and Streams

Ankle Deep Water is my compilation of shallow water recreation areas including splash parks, splash pads, shallow entry beaches, shallow lakes, estuaries and streams. I collated this list incidentally while writing Swimming Hole Heaven for experienced swimmers. I have personally visited and enjoyed playing in the water at all of these sites. They are generally suitable for inexperienced swimmers or children (under supervision and subject to local water safety considerations) wanting to splash about, or adults wanting to cool off their feet without having to fully commit to a swim.

Browse by city or region below, or alternatively search by map or for the young and young at heart follow your favourite Splash-Rascal.
Browse by City or Region:
Ankle Deep Water - Melbourne Splash Parks, Shallow Beaches, Lakes and Streams Melbourne is fortunate to now have numerous free splash parks, splash pads, water fountains and artificial streams. This list also includes shallow entry beaches along Port Phillip Bay and the Mornington Peninsula, as well as several botanic gardens with water features for a water-based picnic… Regional Victoria Splash Parks, Shallow Beaches, Lakes and Streams These free splash parks, splash pads, shallow entry beaches and lakes in regional Victoria are typically more than a 90 minute drive from the Melbourne city centre. This can be a great reference list if you are planning a weekend or holiday away during summer on hot days… Ankle Deep Water - NSW Splash Parks, Shallow Beaches, Lakes and Streams These splash parks and shallow entry beaches along the south coast of New South Wales are again, a handy reference list if you are planning a holiday away from Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra, or if you are lucky enough to live in the region. Some of the best estuaries in Australia for frolicking in shallow water… Ankle Deep Water - Fiji Splash Parks, Shallow Beaches, Lakes and Streams It's probably the number one international destination for family holidays. The weather is warm, the people are friendly and there's plenty to see and do. Here are some shallow entry beaches and water parks that I have visited in Fiji with my kids, which might help you plan your holiday to this South Pacific archapeligo…
Browse by Splash-Rascal:
The Splash-Rascals bring to life many of Ankle Deep Water's shallow water recreation areas. You can find links to each Splash-Rascal's adventures below. Splash-Rascal Turtle Splash-Rascal Turtle loves paddling and swimming in freshwater lakes, and spending time on lakeside beaches. Turtle is gentle, patient and safety conscious. You can find Splash-Rascal Turtle's debut at Lake Fyans Splash-Rascal Mother Duck Splash-Rascal Mother Duck looks after her ducklings with the greatest of care and love, but she can't watch them all the time. Occasionally her ducklings wander off to explore on their own. Mother Duck can be found swimming around in shallow meandering streams and lakes. Splash-Rascal Mother Duck's debut is at Crocodile Park Splash-Rascal Froggy Splash-Rascal Froggy likes to leap around rivers and rock-hop across artificial streams. Froggy is athletic, courageous and daring, and doesn't mind getting a little bit wet. Froggy also enjoys playing hide and seek. Splash-Rascal Froggy's debut is at Harleston Park Splash-Rascal Bunny Rabbit Splash-Rascal Bunny Rabbit loves playing practical jokes and pushing buttons to see what happens. Bunny Rabbit can usually be found near splash parks and splash pads, but occasionally pops up elsewhere if trouble can be found. Splash-Rascal Bunny Rabbit's debut is at Booran Reserve Splash-Rascal Penguin Splash-Rascal Penguin enjoys swimming in shallow entry ocean beaches. Penguin likes to bask in the sunshine on rocks at the water's edge, and dive into the water to chase little fish. Splash-Rascal Penguin's debut is coming soon…

Before you head out, make sure to read the water safety information. In addition to your own independent planning, risk management and safety measures, I suggest that if you are visiting these spots, bring bathers, sunscreen, a hat, a towel, a pair of crocs or sandals, a set of warm clothes, a bucket and spade, and any inflatables that you want. Bring a swimming nappy if your child is not yet toilet trained. You can also visit some of these spots in winter if everyone is wearing gumboots.

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