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Big Bula Water Park, Denerau Island
Fiji Splash Parks, Shallow Beaches, Lakes and Streams

No matter what your age, there is something inherently funny about giant blow-up animals. It's the combination of their out of proportion size, and their slightly floppy or wobbly appearance that I find comical. When you add water to the mix, and get a chance to slip and slide all over these giant beasts, it's hard not to smile, particularly when you factor in the occasional wipe-out down the slippery slides. Fortunately, most of the slides are inflatable, so you tend to bounce and skid rather than tumble. The giant inflatables at Big Bula Water Park Above: The giant inflatables at Big Bula Water Park

The park was formerly known as the Big Bula Inflatable Water Park, but after recently adding some taller fibreglass slides, they have dropped the inflatable tag and re-branded. A plus of the park now is that it caters for a wider range of ages. It has a separate, enclosed area for kids 5 and under, which includes small slides and paddling pools. Primary school aged kids can enjoy the larger inflatables, whilst the more adventurous can take on the faster fibreglass waterslides. Climbing the inflatable palm tree was one of the highlights that felt unique to a Fijian theme park.

The entry prices are steep, and clearly targetted at the well-to-do tourists staying at the more expensive resorts on Denerau Island. From the resorts you can access the park directly via the Bula Bus that runs around Denerau Island.
Denerau Island itself is a reclaimed swamp, separated from the main island by only a few metres of water, and whilst the resorts have brought in plenty of sand, the beaches around the island are not the best in Fiji. The Big Bula Water Park, which I believe is the only water theme park in Fiji, offers an alternative to the resort beaches. The tropical mini golf course next to Big Bula Water Park Above: The tropical mini golf course next to Big Bula Water Park

If the water park is not enough to keep you entertained, there is a mini-golf course next door and a golf driving range if only one parent wants to go inside the water park.
Essential Information Before You Go:
Location: Resort Drive, Denerau Island, 10 km (around 15 minutes) south west of Nadi.
Latitude:-17.772085 Longitude:177.371068
Getting there: From Nadi, head south along Queens Road and follow the signs to Denerau Island. Once you pass over the bridge onto the island, continue on for 1.3 km, then turn left and the water park is a further 200 metres on your left. The roads to the park are well signposted. If you are staying on Denerau Island, the Bula Bus that runs around the island stops outside the water park.
General facilities: Toilets, kiosk, umbrellas, sheltered picnic tables
Baby change facilities: Unknown
Sun shade: No shade on most of the rides. Shade is available under beach shelters in the water park.
Entrance fee: Prices available from the Big Bula Waterpark website.
Opening times: 10am to 5pm every day
Wheelchair access: Wheelchair accessible paths.
Prohibitions: Inflatable rides have a weight restriction of 85kg for safety reasons. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Supervision by an adult is required at all times in the Big Bula Lai Lai area (2 - 5 years). There are height requirements for certain rides. Please see height charts at entry point of rides. Proper swim wear is required, no jeans or clothes with metal zippers or rivets are allowed. Remove loose items before using the rides (jewellery, eyewear, footwear). No smoking. No glass.
Accommodation Options: There are numerous resorts on Denerau Island within a short distance of the water park. For cheaper accommodation, you can try accommodation in nearby Nadi.
Managing authority: Big Bula Waterpark
Nearby attractions: Orchid Waterfall directly north of Nadi
Before you head out, make sure to read the water safety information.
Locality Map:
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