Water Safety
Ankle Deep Water for Kids in Fiji
Local water safety advice was not available online from the Fiji Water Safety Council at the time of preparing this web page. Many swimming spots in Fiji are remote from any medical assistance if you get into trouble, so limit your risks and plan ahead. In addition to any specific advice that emerges from the Fiji Water Safety Council, remember the following:

- When supervising children under 5 years of age, children must be within arms reach at all times
- Alcohol and swimming donít mix.
- Use a sunscreen and hat to avoid sunburn and skin cancer.
- Use an insect repellant, particularly if you are travelling into Fijian jungles.
- Discourage your children from drinking the water that they are playing in. Some splash parks use recycled water.
- Always heed warning signs. They are there for a reason and you could be endangering your health or your life if you disobey them.
- Don't swim in algal blooms. The toxins in some blue-green algae have been recognised as a cause of motor neurone disease for several years now, and recent research has linked these toxins to an increased risk of a range of other brain disorders.
- The amoeba Naegleria fowleri, which according to the Fiji health department can be found in warm fresh waters in Fiji, is a cause of meningitis encephilitis in children. The highest risk occurs when untreated water is squirted up the nose, either through water play or by jumping into water. It only affects children, because the barrier between the nasal passage and the brain is weaker in children. Whilst infection is very rare, the condition is fatal.
- Above all, use your common sense. Conditions can change rapidly. Continually re-assess the risks and act accordingly which may include deciding not to enter the water.

If you enjoy the water play areas on this website, do your best to preserve them for others to enjoy, or to come back to yourself.
- Take your rubbish with you if bins are not provided.
- If there are no toilets and you need to go, dig a hole at least 100 m away from the water and bury whatever you produce.

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