Ankle Deep Water, Fiji
Shallow Water Play Areas for Kids
Keep the kids entertained with these fun shallow water play areas in Fiji. Guaranteed to excite and hopefully wear the little tackers out with heaps of running, jumping, scooping and splashing. Ankle Deep Water is my collection of very shallow water play areas for kids that I collated incidentally while compiling the Guide to Freshwater Swimming Holes for grown ups. I have visited and enjoyed all of these sites with my own children. New splash parks are being built all the time at the moment, and I've only explored a fraction of Fiji, so feel free to suggest a location elsewhere in Fiji for me to visit.

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Click or tap on the title of each shallow water play area below to find out how to get there and what to expect, or alternatively search by map. These areas have been divided into splash parks and shallow entry beaches.
Shallow Entry Beaches
Swim with fish in the shallow estuary of this picture postcard beach on the Coral Coast. Find out how to bypass the resort guards to reach the beach and the one essential item to keep your kids from being unhappy…
This tiny island is the closest off-shore day resort to Nadi. We tried out the Finding Nemo tour for kids, which includes a ride on a submersible glass bottom boat over the reef around the island, and access to a shallow entry snorkelling area on the island…
Water Theme Parks
Big Bula Water Park is a water theme park with a mix of giant inflatable slides and the recently added fibreglass slides, and includes a special area for kids 5 years old and under. The prices are not cheap, but the giant, wobbly inflatable animals will make you smile…
Despite scouring the various travel blog websites, I struggled to find reliable information about Fiji before I visited. Here are some tips that might help your trip to run smoother such as when to visit, eating in Fiji (including gluten free eating), hiring a car, etc…

Other locations coming soon as soon as I find the time to write them up!

Before you head out, make sure to read the water safety information. In addition to your own independent planning, risk management and safety measures, I suggest that if you are visiting these spots, bring a swimming nappy (if your child is not yet toilet trained), bathers, sunscreen, a hat, a towel, a pair of crocs or sandals for your kid's feet, a set of warm clothes for them to change into, a bucket and spade, and any floating toys (like rubber ducks) that you want. Pack a pair of bathers and sandals for yourself so you can supervise your child in the water.

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