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Mentone Beach, Mentone
Melbourne Splash Parks, Shallow Beaches, Lakes and Streams

The northern end of Mentone Beach (opposite Mundy Street), has a section of wide, shallow sand flats that are well suited for toddlers being introduced to the beach. Unlike other beaches closer to the city, this beach has fine, firm sand and a very gradual entry to the water, so it is less likely to cause panic amongst toddlers who don't like loose, coarse sand or stepping off the shore straight into knee deep water. Toddler friendly beach at Mundy Street, Mentone Above: A toddler taking to the water

This beach spans two suburbs over 4 km, with uninterrupted views from Mundy Street at one end to the Mordialloc Pier at the other. The coloured sandstone cliffs at the Mundy Street end provide a picturesque backdrop, particularly just before sunset. These cliffs, which extend out to Ricketts Point, are also the reason why this section of the beach is uniquely suited to toddlers. As sand migrates along the beach it accumulates when it hits these cliffs, creating the few hundred metres of sand flats at this location.

The Mundy Street end of Mentone Beach is also a dogs off lead area, which is a blessing if you have a young family and a dog, but may discourage some people from playing in the water here if you don't like dogs.
In the times that I have visited here, I have always found a mix of dog owners and young families playing side by side. The beach seems large enough to accommodate both and the dogs seem more interested in playing amongst themselves than worrying about other visitors to the beach. Besides the dogs, the other abundant animals here are seagulls, which many toddlers and pre-schoolers can have hours of fun chasing. Toddler friendly beach at Mundy Street, Mentone Above: The sand flats looking across to the sandstone cliffs

If the dogs concern you, head a couple of streets further away from the city (about 200-400 metres) to the section of Mentone beach opposite Plummer Street or Kitchener Street, which are in a dog free zone from 10am to 7.30pm from November to March inclusive. The beach here is still on the sand flats, but the sand is slightly coarser at the water's edge, and there is a shin deep dip at the water's edge rather than a flat entry to the water. Once you are past the dip at the water's edge, the water remains around knee to hip deep for toddlers for some distance out from the shore. There is a life saving service that operates in front of the building opposite Kitchener Street.

There are barbecue facilities, a couple of picnic tables and toilets at the top of the hill at the Mundy Street car park. If you are looking for a playground or want to watch some boats coming and going, then head down to Mordialloc Pier after your swim.
Essential Information Before You Go:
Location: Beach Rd, Mentone, 23 km (approx. 40 mins drive) south of the Melbourne CBD
Latitude:-37.986978 Longitude:145.053597
Getting there: By car, travel along Nepean Hwy to Cheltenham, then head south into Charman Rd until you reach Beach Road. Mundy Street is the third street to the east at the end of Charman Rd.
General facilities: Public toilets, benches, barbecue, picnic tables, drinking fountain, rubbish bins, car parking, clifftop bike/walking track, beach promenade.
Baby change facilities: None
Sun shade: No shade on the beach. Shade available at the barbecue area on the foreshore at the top of the hill.
Entrance fee: Not applicable
Opening times: Always open
Wheelchair access: Beach promenade is wheelchair accessible via a steep but smooth bitumen path. Wheelchair accessible toilets, parking for the disabled
Prohibitions: No littering, no horses, no fires, umbrellas must be anchored, dog owners must carry litter bag to clean up after their dogs.
Managing authority: City of Kingston
Nearby attractions: Mordialloc Pier, which is over 200 metres long, out into the bay past the southern end of Mentone Beach.
Before you head out, make sure to read the water safety information.
Locality Map:
The marker indicates the location of the beach.
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